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The environmental case for a re-usable bottle to filter

tap water is indisputable!


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It’s time to stop using single use, throw-away mineral water bottles!


Look at these alarming facts:-


  • 150 million plastic water bottles are sold each day worldwide but only 25% are ever recycled.  That’s over 110 million bottles of waste… every day!!

  • Oil and water are needed to make one plastic bottle, 4 times more water than the bottle contains…what a complete waste of energy!

  • It can take 900 years for a plastic bottle to disintegrate!

  • Bottled water is shipped all over the world. Over 65,000 lorries every week!


What nonsense it is to drink mineral water when better quality water comes out of our own tap*


  • Is your mineral bottle reusable?  Actually no. Bacteria grows on cheap plastic easily.

  • Plastic is deadly to marine life!  A United Nations survey has shown that over 100,000 seabirds die as a result of swallowing small pieces of plastic that can now be found in the sand on most beaches of the world.


There are plenty of good reasons to choose tap water instead:


  • Cheaper: Tap water costs almost nothing per litre (£0.002).  Buying a 500ml bottle of water every working day costs approx £0.89 (£231.40 per year). H2WOW with tap water works out at £0.059 per day (£15.51 per year). What would you do with the money you have saved?


  • Tastier: In a recent survey, half of ‘Which?’ members said they couldn’t taste the difference between bottled and tap water, with 18% actually preferring it from the tap.


  • Eco-friendlier: 84% of Which? members in a survey believe tap water is better for the environment than bottled water.


*Safer: Trust your tap! UK water is some of the safest in the world. It has to pass over 50 stringent tests before it reaches us.  Mineral water only has to pass 16!  Mineral water can sit in storage for over 2 years!


For factual information on the harm single use bottles are doing to the environment visit